Ramon Messa Londoño Library

Date:10 Apr, 2015

Ramon Messa Londoño Library

It was the founder and legal representative of the organization “Armando el Futuro” who, knowing the need and ideology of the school in question, first proposed the idea of building a library. The library was deemed the best way to provide educational and social formation for the students of this isolated school in the small town of Pueblorrico in the municipality of Quimbaya, located in the department of Quindío.


Children in both primary and secondary levels of schooling (grade school and high school) will benefit. These children do not have access to many of the resources that most take for granted in first-world countries and yet, through their own inspiring efforts, endeavor to obtain their education. They do so thanks to the tireless efforts of those who over many years have volunteered their time, without thought of financial gain, and have committed themselves to the education of the students of this region and have helped them strive for a better future.

We consider that it is of vital importance for the intellectual and social development of these children that we provide them with a modern and updated library. The Foundation intend to achieve this goal through the cooperation and kind contributions of those who wish to help us in this cause.


Social and Community Development